Delivery of the first Bell 505
powered by Arrius 2R


Delivery of the first Bell 505 powered by Arrius 2R

Bell Helicopter and Safran have celebrated at HAI Heli-Expo 2017 in Dallas the first delivery of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. The aircraft was delivered to a private customer, Scott Urschel, owner of Pylon Aviation. The delivery ceremony was hosted by Patrick Moulay, EVP Global Sales and Marketing at Bell Helicopter, and Bruno Even, President of Safran Helicopter Engines, in presence of Scott Urschel.

"This is a momentous occasion for Bell Helicopter and the Bell 505 program", said Patrick Moulay, Bell Helicopter's Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. "This marks the first of many deliveries, and we feel that we truly hit the mark on delivering on our commitments to provide a safe, reliable and high-performing aircraft to the short light single market."

Patrick Moulay has emphasized Safran's role in the program: "Safran has been more than a partner in the Bell 505 development". "All of us at Safran Helicopter Engines are very proud to be part of the team, and we will ensure Pylon Aviation benefits from the best possible support", said Bruno Even.

Safran has also announced the signing of the first 5Star Plans contract to support Arrius 2R engines operated by Bell 505 customers. This contract has been signed with the Bell Helicopter's Training Academy that will operate two Bell 505 aircrafts.

5Star Plans is a new Safran Helicopter Engines support contract dedicated to customers operating up to five helicopters. It offers five different levels of services covering scheduled and unscheduled events, standard exchange, preferential engine pool access, warranty extension and (depending on customer profile and mission types) by-the-hour support.

Launched at the 2013 Paris Air Show alongside the Bell 505, the Arrius 2R has followed a fast development schedule in tandem with the airframe. A rigorous evaluation campaign started in April 2014 with its first ground run. The flight test program began in November 2014 at Bell's Mirabel facility. The 2R was EASA-certified in December 2015 and gained FAA type-certification in 2016. Over the past months, Safran Helicopter Engines has put a great deal of effort into bringing the engine smoothly to market through extensive maturation tests.


Customer satisfaction: INIT survey 2016 results

Customer satisfaction is our main priority at Safran Helicopter Engines. We mandate INIT, experts in market analyses, every two years to conduct a survey to capture our helicopter operators' level of satisfaction.

The 2016 results are now available: you have been 950 to respond to our survey and have awarded us a global satisfaction rate of 7,72/10. 98% of responders said that they are satisfied with the quality of Safran Helicopter Engines' products and services. These are the best results since the survey was launched 10 years ago.

"We are seeing a strong progression in every area, everywhere in the world. This trend must be maintained and amplified", commented Benjamin Balaban, Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Satisfaction Manager.


Your Customer Portal has been redesigned!

Since February, your Customer Portal benefits from a new User interface to optimize the navigation.

Each connected user can now access in 1 single click:
- Dashboards to track their request evolution in real time
- Technical Publications
- Easy-to-create requests in a few clicks (standard exchange, repair, AOG, warranty)
- 2017 Academy Catalogue with a new training range

New introductory and certification modules (level I and II) as well as advanced and expert courses are now available via e-learning, at our facility to support your knowledge about our engines and optimize your know-how.

New online services and tools (Health Monitoring, web IETP…) will also be implemented throughout the year.

Discover your Customer Portal new ergonomic design on:

Safran takes part in Airbus Helicopters' Safety Seminar in Nepal

On 20th February, Safran Helicopter Engines was involved in the Nepal Safety Seminar organised by Airbus Helicopters in Kathmandu. The objective of this Seminar was to share information related to safety strategies and procedures with all Nepal Operators.

Steven Wong, Safran Helicopter Engines Service Engineering Manager for the Asia Pacific region, gave a presentation on Safran engines reliability, technical improvements, engines health monitoring and BOOST.

Safran was honoured to take part of this event as safety is one of our core values and the key focus on everything we do day after day, namely through our SMS – Safety Management System.

Did you know that we release SMS posters on a regular basis to promote safety? You can check them out on your Customer Portal!

Safran Helicopter Engines
Academy trainees in 2016
"17 788"
Customer Portal


Boosted by your feedback about our Support and Services, Safran Helicopter Engines has launched a new communications campaign to share the good news with all of our operators.

If you attended HAI Heli-Expo 2017 and visited our booth, you will have seen our new "8 facts" animation and posters. It has also been relayed on Twitter and LinkedIn to reach those who have not yet seen it at one of our events.

What's the campaign about? It's all about the ratings you have given us in the different satisfaction surveys and some of the Service rates that we have achieved over the last 3 years. The "8 facts" are all proof how we are focused on you, our customers and how we endeavor to provide you with the best support and services possible.

Want to know more about this campaign? Keep an eye out for the "8 fact special edition" Newsletter where we will tell exactly how we are "Focused On You"!


5Star Plans: first contracts signed

Launched last October, 5Star Plans is a range of services dedicated to our operators with five helicopters maximum. The first contracts have recently been signed and several others will follow.

5Star Plans is sold through our network of Certified Maintenance Centres (CMC) and Distributors, supported by their local Front Office.

Operators can choose between five different levels of services, depending on their fleet size and availability needs: 5Star Priority, 5Star Warranty, 5Star Shield, 5Star Business and 5Star Ultimate.

Europavia (Spain) signed a 5Star Business contract with Helibravo Aviação Lda, a Portuguese Operator, covering Arriel 1D1 and Arriel 2B1 engines.

Fonnafly (Norway) also signed a 5Star Business contract with the Icelandic operator Nordurflug, for their Arriel 1D1 engines.

Cold weather tests for the H160

The latest member of the Airbus Helicopters family has headed out to the Great North to confront polar temperatures. Airbus Helicopters recently sent out one of its H160 test models to Yellowknife in northern Canada to see how it would handle the icy temperatures there. These cold weather tests, now a must in the certification of any new aircraft, will allow the helicopter's operation in negative temperatures to be tested, with special attention being given to the on-board systems and engines. For the latter, one major issue will be to check the Arrano's capacity to start under nominal conditions after a night out in the cold.

That capacity, that has already been validated during tests at simulated altitude at the French Defence Procurement Agency's Propulsion Test Centre at Saclay, has been considerably improved on the Arrano thanks to the use of a new gyratory combustion chamber allowing for ignition at temperatures as low as -50°C and altitudes above 6,000 m (19,685 ft).

Safran signs by-the-hour support contract for new UK military training fleets

Safran has signed of a Support-By-Hour (SBH) covering engines operated by the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) program. The 17-year agreement between Safran Helicopter Engines UK and Airbus Helicopters is worth more than 100 million euros and relates to Arrius 2B2Plus and Arriel 2E engines powering new fleets of H135 and H145.

In July 2016 Safran was selected to supply Arrius 2B2Plus and Arriel 2E turbines for the H135 and H145 fleets. Similar variants are already contributing to training operations in countries including the United States, Australia, France and Germany.

Safran Helicopter Engines UK already provides similar services to the engines in AS350 single engine Squirrels currently operated by the UK's Defence Helicopter Flying School. Safran is delighted to be going forward with Airbus Helicopters, now in twin engine rotorcraft.



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