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Launch of new Health Monitoring service

Our new engine Health Monitoring service was launched yesterday at Helitech International, with the announcement of our first customer, Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd.
The new service will allow each customer to track engine life data and thus reduce unplanned events. Engine life can be improved with the early detection of low signals, prognosis analysis and maintenance plan customization.

Babcock MCS Ltd will be the first operator to use this service in its Arrius 2B2-powered H135 fleet. Shaun Strain, Babcock MCS Onshore Director of Engineering commented: “We have successfully tested the Safran solution for more than a year now. Receiving personalized reports directly from the manufacturer allows us to adjust our maintenance program, resulting in cost and time savings.”

Franck Saudo, Safran Helicopter Engines Support & Services EVP, added “Health Monitoring is a high added-value digital service that delivers expert analysis of over sixty parameters. Resulting maintenance recommendations are customized to each engine mission, enhancing the daily support of our operators’ flight operations.”

The Safran Helicopter Engines Health Monitoring offers two solutions:

  • “Essential” where customers independently record its EPC data on the Customer Portal and benefit from a 24/7 trend monitoring visualization;

  • With “Premium”, Safran experts propose preventive maintenance recommendations tailored to the customer’s fleet and usage (automatic and continuous data collection through electronic recorders).

These maintenance recommendations are made available online on your Customer Portal homepage, 24/7 from any device.

Discover more about the Health Monitoring service and your EngineLife technical expertise solutions.


“Dear customers,

Based on your feedback and wishes of more digital support and services, our Customer Portal - previously called “tools” – has been enhanced this year.

The interface has been redesigned and new added-value functionalities have been implemented to better match your expectations.
This unique web Portal offers your teams centralized access to all practical information and services 24/7, anywhere, from any device.

Our ambition is to make your company reduce the overall time spent to complete tasks and optimize your fleet availability, throughout the life of your engine. All the digital services we provide are based on human expertise, to bring a personalized response to all your business requests.

“Our logistics, administrative and technical staff frequently use the Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Portal and we are very satisfied with it.

It provides a good overview of our technical and commercial requests and is a great tool that keeps us on top of everything and gives us so much information at our fingertips.

I am personally very happy with how the Portal has evolved and meet the needs of the operators who use it.”
David Schroeder, Logistics & Purchase Manager at Fonnafly.

New features will be added throughout the year to complete the final offer. We look forward to make you discover them on your Customer Portal!


Francis Larribau
Front Office Manager – Safran Helicopter Engines Germany

support news

Customers praised the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications On-Line

Since June, Technical Publications for On-field & Intermediate maintenance levels are a click away on your Customer Portal homepage.

The Web IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) has been developed to make accessing and using technical documentation a lot easier. Up-to-date Technical Publications can now be accessed 24/7, from anywhere and on any device (Web IETP is iOS & Android tablet compatible).

Thousands of users have already benefited from the latest IETP functionalities, on an interactive platform with intuitive navigation and 3-D graphic interface.

Parts needed for several scheduled inspections can be exported to Excel. One click opens additional provisions for the selected maintenance task and the option to import all engine configurations at once (no more need to select the right one).

3-D parts visualization is also available for new engines (since the Arrius 2R launch).

Previous supports such as IETP & PDF on a USB stick are still available on demand.

Have you used the Web IETP yet? Go and visit the online documentation platform on your PC or tablet.


Customer portal users per month


Web IETP users since launch in June


Requests created and tracked online this year

Did you know ?

Did you know you could track the repair status of your assets directly online?

To know what is happening to your engine in real time, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Go to your Customer Portal: Log on or create a new account

  2. Click on one of the request icons on the home page

  3. Create a request for your engine or modules
    You will be able to add additional information to indicate whether your asset is under warranty, covered by SBH® (Support By the Hour) or whether you require technician intervention.
    Add your PO and Cardex / logcard and validate your request to send an immediate email alert to your Customer Support Representative.

  4. Track your request status on “My dashboard”, available on the Customer Portal Home page

Access the same information as us in real time and get alerts at each new step of your repair or standard exchange process.
Save time and avoid mistakes by using this digital tool for all your requests.

What is new on your Customer Portal?

We are very pleased to let you know that a 2nd improvement of the interface of your Customer Portal is on-line!

The interface is now responsive (tablet and smartphone compatible) on the first navigation pages, with an easier access to responsive web-services, such as Web IETP or new Health Monitoring solutions.

The Customer Portal is also fully private: an exclusive web doorway offering you a centralized access to all online services and practical information you may need all along your EngineLife.

Ergonomy has been enhanced in terms of readability and number of clicks (easier navigation in the EngineLife Services menu).

All the new service videos and e-learnings are available in the “Library & Medias” page, on the Home page top left.

Just go to your Customer Portal and enjoy the journey on tools.safran-helicopter-engines.com!