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Aneto – our new range of engines for the super-medium and heavy helicopter market

Safran Helicopter Engines has unveiled its brand-new Aneto high power engine family last October at Helitech International, in London. Designed for new super-medium and heavy helicopter market, it incorporates ground-breaking technologies, developed as part of the Safran Helicopter Engines R&D roadmap. Aneto family will feature several models covering 2500 to over 3000 shp power range.

Bruno Even, Safran Helicopter Engines’ CEO said, “Aneto is the result of a long and sustained strategy of technology acquisition and maturation. Today we are in position to bring to the market a new generation and competitive engine solution for the super-medium and heavy helicopter market, ready to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2018”.

The first 2,500 shp model, named Aneto-1K, has been selected by Leonardo to power its twin-engine AW189K. The first flight of the Aneto-1K fitted to this helicopter took place in March 2017 and the entry into service is scheduled for fourth quarter of 2018. The Aneto-1K EASA certification will meet that timetable.

Aneto engine family brings significant benefits: Thanks to an exceptional power-to-volume ratio, it offers 25% greater power (when compared to existing engines of the same volume), contributing to increased mission capabilities especially during demanding missions requiring more power like offshore, search and rescue, firefighting or military transport, as well as better performance in “hot and high” conditions.

The Tech 3000 technological demonstrator is a key building block of the Aneto family. It enables Safran Helicopter Engines to validate designs and technologies capable of delivering up to 15% better fuel economy over today’s high power engine models. These new technologies will be gradually incorporated in the Aneto models, depending on the power requirements and entry-into-service timeframe, resulting in improved range and payload and a reduced environmental footprint.

The Aneto features higher reliability and safety. Its maintainability has been optimized with fewer scheduled maintenance tasks and longer maintenance intervals, and this new range will have connected features like Health Monitoring (predictive maintenance) and will be fully compatible with BOOST, our new online engine maintenance management service.


Best Wishes 2018

Dear Customers,

2017 has been an exciting and challenging year for Safran Helicopter Engines. Challenging because the market continues to experience difficult times, even if there are now positive signs of improvement. I am sure we will all emerge stronger than ever before.

I am pleased and proud to now face these challenges by succeeding Franck Saudo as EVP Support and Services. Franck has been appointed to another position within the Safran group and we are very grateful for his accomplishments in raising the levels of customer support and service quality.

One exciting event during 2017 was the unveiling of our new Aneto engine, aimed at super-medium and heavy helicopters. This new power solution will be a game-changer for new generation rotorcraft. We also celebrated our #1 ranking in engine support in the current Professional Pilot Survey. That was a great achievement for us and we thank you all for placing your confidence in Safran. We also expanded our digital services range with the introduction of new Health Monitoring and Web-IETP services; solutions that we are confident will further facilitate your operations.

I look forward to making and strengthening partnerships with you throughout 2018, and to meeting you personally at our various customer events around the world. Your satisfaction is our main driver and is what Safran Helicopter Engines is all about. This is why we strive to remain focused on you.

I wish you all the best for 2018, including prosperity and success in all your ventures.

Best Regards,

Olivier Le Merrer - Executive Vice President Support & Services


Safran Helicopter Engines ranked #1 in Pro Pilot survey

For the first time, Professional Pilot magazine readers have ranked Safran Helicopter Engines top of the helicopter category in its 2017 “Turbine Powerplant Product Support Survey”.

This ranking is the result of a continuous improvement plan started a few years ago. After coming second in 2016, we have obtained an overall score of 7.91/10 in the helicopter division, ahead of Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls-Royce.

The results confirm our strengths in terms of Field Reps (or Tech Reps) and Response to Problems.

Our 60 Reps worldwide are key to our success; once again their resourcefulness and passion have been recognized. Their pro-activity and expertise help you save time and money; supporting and following you throughout your journey is embedded within our DNA.

We appreciate your feedback. The survey also highlights areas for improvement such as “Tech Manuals” (technical documentation). These are currently subject to an overhaul and the Web IETP service was launched last June. This is a new online technical publications service that offers at any time the latest versions of any document, with an intuitive 3D graphic interface and enhanced functionalities such as new cart options.

Alongside the Web IETP launch, we are deploying a range of digital services to help customers track, analyze and prevent engine events. Our Customer Portal has been improved with a new customer-centric interface to improve navigation, and the Health Monitoring service allows customers to track engine life data and thus reduce unplanned events. Further new web-based services will be launched in the coming months.

Number One in engine support is a great achievement for us and we want to thank all our operator customers for their confidence. The result reflects our commitment to providing you with the best-possible support and service. But this is not the end of the matter and we must strive to deliver services ever closer to your needs.
Once again, we thank you all for your confidence in Safran. We remain #FocusedOnYou.

Frédéric Bugeon
Safran Helicopter Engines VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

support news #1

Digital orientation

Your Customer Portal - previously called Tools – has been enhanced this year with a redesigned interface and the addition of new added-value functionalities.

You can access all of this practical information and services 24/7, from anywhere, with any device.

3-minute videos are also available on the Library & Medias page to guide you through the new web-services. Your up-to-date interactive web IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) is available online since June with intuitive navigation, 3D graphic interface and new cart functions.

You can also track the repair status of your assets thanks to the creation of online requests and a personalized dashboard.

The Safran Helicopter Engines Health Monitoring service, launched in October offers two solutions:

  • Essential: Independent record of Engine Power Check data by the customer and 24/7 trend monitoring visualization and alerts.

  • Premium: Safran experts preventive maintenance recommendations tailored to the customer’s fleet and usage (automatic data collection through electronic recorders).

Just go to your Customer Portal and enjoy the journey on!

Did you know?

It takes only two clicks to create an account on your Customer Portal

Just type “Create an account” on, validate the general terms and conditions and access all your EngineLife services online: up-to-date Interactive Electronic Technical Publications, repair status of your engine or module, Health Monitoring interactive platform, training catalogue, e-learnings…

Already an account? Log-on and discover how we can help you at each step of your EngineLife.

support news #2

Operator Symposia: Unmissable opportunities for meeting our customers

We have organized two symposia recently, one at the end of September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for our Asia Pacific operators, the other on 10th and 11th October in Seattle for those based in North America. These meetings are truly unmissable occasions for exchanging views and presenting you our latest innovations in products and services.

In all, over 250 customers attended these two events. The number of customers in the Asia Pacific basin increases every year and for this fourth edition reached a record participation of 170 operators from 17 different nations.

Through our "Focused On You" theme, our customers were able to see, through five axes, that we are constantly striving to provide them with the highest quality products and services, for today and tomorrow. Several customers also presented their activities, bearing witness to the excellent local support that is provided by Safran Helicopter Engines. This "Customer relationship" is our trade mark.

For many years, Safran Helicopter Engines has been working closely with panels of customers in five major areas: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Japan. They are called "Customer Councils". These biannual meetings are intended to gather, characterize and resolve the "irritants" encountered by our operator customers. The symposia enabled these customers present to share with other customers in their zones, the objectives of these "councils", the established working methods as well as the results and successes achieved together.

Recent satisfaction surveys have confirmed the strong interest in these regional events and underlined several positive factors: the meetings with our CEO, our Executive Vice Presidents, as well as with the managers from our international sites. The interactions with the Safran Helicopters Engines teams during the product and service workshops were also appreciated, as also especially was the opportunity for customers to meet other customers in their region to share their experience.

In 2018, two more symposia are scheduled: one in April for the Europe, Africa and Middle East zone and another at the end of the year in Latin America.


In 2017, Safran Helicopter Engines celebrates 40 years of presence in Brazil


Number of 5Star contracts signed this year


We have reached 6,000 followers on our twitter account @SafranHCEngines

Contracts & Milestones

50,000 flight hours for Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters marked 50,000 flight hours with its Arriel 2D-powered H130 helicopter fleet. Based in Hawaii, this customer operates 11 H130 aircraft and fly them very significantly.

This is a great accomplishment for Safran, that we have shared with Blue Hawaiian in November, leader in the air-tour market and the only helicopter company serving all four major Hawaiian Islands.

Arriel 40th anniversary

This year Safran Helicopter Engines celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Arriel engine family. The first variants, the Arriel 1A for the AS365 Dauphin and the 1B for the AS350 Ecureuil, were certified in 1977.

The Arriel is one of the most popular helicopter engines ever built and remains one of Safran’s “best sellers”. Since 1977 more than 12,000 units have been built and 50 million flight hours logged.

Every day the engine is used in all types of helicopter missions and has earned a reputation as a safe and reliable partner for operators flying EMS, search and rescue, law enforcement or maritime surveillance missions, often under demanding conditions.

Arriel has been continuously updated with the latest technologies. In June 2017 the 2L2, the most powerful Ariel variant with a take-off power rating of 1,024 shp, intended for South Korea Aerospace Industries LAH, made its first ground run. Certification is planned for late 2020.

Babcock MCS Onshore first customer of our new Health Monitoring service

The new engine Health Monitoring service, launched in October allows to customize operator’s maintenance plan through prognosis analysis and early detection of low signals.

Babcock MCS is the first operator to use this service on their Arrius 2B2-powered H135 fleet. Shaun Strain, Babcock MCS Onshore Director of Engineering commented: “We have successfully tested the Safran solution for more than a year now. Receiving personalized reports directly from the manufacturer allows us to adjust our maintenance program, resulting in cost and time savings.”

Thank you to Babcock MCS Onshore for trusting us to optimize the EngineLife of your Arrius 2B2 engines.


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