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HAI Heli-Expo 2018 wrap-up

Organized by Helicopter Association International (HAI), Heli Expo is the largest helicopter exposition in the world. The 2018 event took place in Las Vegas (Nevada) from 26 February to 1 March, with Safran Electrical & Power, Safran Helicopter Engines, Safran Electronics & Defense and Safran Power Units representing the Group.

This year, Safran Helicopter Engines displayed Arriel 2, Arrano, Ardiden 3 and Aneto engines at its booth. We announced that Airbus Helicopters has selected the Aneto-1X to power its Racer (Rapid and Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft) high-speed demonstrator and introduced our new Power Pack® concept. The first two helicopters to benefit from a Power Pack® will be the Leonardo AW189K and Airbus Helicopters Racer.

The AW189K Power Pack® One features an e-APU60 auxiliary power unit, designed by Safran Power Units, alongside twin Aneto-1K engines. The combination results in improved availability and easier support operations. The Racer demonstrator will feature a Power Pack® Eco Mode, configured with two Aneto-1X engines and combining hybrid technologies developed with Safran Electrical & Power.

Other Safran announcements during the show included the unveiling of two new members of our range of digital services: e-Spares and Expert link.
Unveiled in presence of our launch customer, Air Methods Group, e-Spares allows customers to order new spare parts and tools on-line throught the EngineLife® Customer Portal

Expert link is a new remote assistance service that allows all customers to connect with our experts through a secure, live video feed, with our experts to facilitate technical diagnosis or guide them through a maintenance task. The first customers to use it are Heli Austria, Rotortech Services and Heligo.

Last but not least, James Russell (Russ) Spray, former President and CEO of Safran Helicopter Engines USA, was presented with the 2018 HAI Lifetime Achievement Award. Well known by our North-American customers, Russ’ award was in recognition of more than five decades of service to the helicopter industry.


Franck Saudo

Dear customer,

As a valued customer, I want to inform you personally that I have been appointed CEO of Safran Helicopter Engines. This change took effect on 2nd April 2018. After four years as Executive Vice President for Support and Services, it is with great pride and pleasure that I accept this new position.

As CEO, my ambitions for the company are clear: to enable Safran Helicopter Engines to build on its strong foundations and to provide you with the best products, services and support you need for the success of your missions. For me, our motto “Focused On You” rings true and I will pursue every avenue to ensure that this promise is kept throughout the company, wherever in the world it does business.

I sincerely hope that we will have the chance to catch up during upcoming events or visits.

Yours sincerely,

Franck Saudo
CEO of Safran Helicopter Engines

support news #1

Launch of new digital EngineLife® Services


With e-Spares, customers can easily order new spare parts and tools on-line. Prices are instantly displayed, and availability statuses are calculated in real time so that an order can be placed immediately, 24/7.

Amanda Martin, Marketing & Services director commented: “With e-Spares, Safran Helicopter Engines adds a new digital solution to its EngineLife® Customer Portal to answer practical customer needs. One example: it is possible to use an Excel file generated by the Web IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) cart function to create an e-Spares order in a few clicks.”

The first official on-line order was placed at HAI Heli-Expo by Air Methods Group, the largest EMS operator in North America, along 7 other launch customers. e-Spares will be gradually rolled out this year. Its availability may vary depending on users’ geographical location, engine variants and organization compatibility.

Expert link is a new remote assistance service that allows all customers to connect with our experts, through a secure, live video feed, to facilitate technical diagnosis or guide them through a maintenance task.

“With this new service, our mechanics will benefit from immediate visual support on our 19 aircrafts, without leaving the workshop” stated Roy Knaus, Heli Austria CEO. “It can be very useful to maximize our fleet availability in case of urgent troubleshooting but also to increase team expertise whilst benefiting from Safran experts best maintenance practices”.

Based on a proven video assistance application provided by Librestream, Expert link is the first mobile application launched by Safran for helicopter operators.

Expert link is fully compatible with most smartphones, tablets, borescopes and smart glasses. It also features HD pictures recording, image drawing, file sharing and three-person call.

Product Improvements

A new policy for the 15-year calendar limit

Until recently, Safran Helicopter Engines included a 15 year calendar limit for bare engines and modules. This policy entailed a visit to a Repair & Overhaul Centre in order to restore this calendar life for another 15 years. In the feedback received from you, you told us that lightened requirements were required to reduce downtime and operating costs. As part of our “learning through you” strategy, we investigated further the effects of this policy through a detailed technical analysis of the current procedure, flight safety requirements, airworthiness, reliability and traceability of engines in service.

Since the end of 2017 for Arrius 2 engines, the module 1 (reduction gearbox) is freed from any calendar limitation and the workscope required for the module 2 (gas generator) has been lightened. The difference? Instead of sending your complete engine to a “Level 4” Repair & Overhaul facility, your module 2 is now handled by Safran Helicopter Engines Maintenance Centre or a Certified Maintenance Centre (CMC) by a qualified technician through what we call a “level 3” type intervention.

Your module 2 will undergo a series of inspections including the replacement of systematic parts. On Arrius 2 engines, for example, the replacement of all high speed bearings is required.

Through the “level 3” type intervention, the turnaround time for your asset’s inspection is therefore reduced. In the last 10 interventions performed, the assets calendar visit was restored in just 2 weeks!

To protect your asset after this technical assistance, two options are proposed by Safran Helicopter Engines and our Network partners:

  • a standard repair warranty coverage (9 months or 500 hours)

  • a customised support service including coverage of any unscheduled events and rental for free modules from our dedicated pool.

Through this lighter requirements, the new policy therefore enables you to reduce costs and downtime whilst ensuring flight safety and protecting your asset.

The new calendar periodic visit will also be available for Arriel 1 and Arriel 2 engines in the coming months. Keep an eye for the update in your Maintenance Manuals!

Did you know?

Arrano in America!

During the first half of 2018, Airbus organized a "demo tour" with its prototype # 2 of the H160. Safran Helicopter Engines teams from France and USA were embarked into the Airbus demonstration team. They had a dual mission, the technical support of the two prototype engines and ensure the promotion of Arrano 1A directly to potential customers. Safran provides also on the H160: wheels, carbon brakes, wiring and APIRS units.

Many pilots from North American companies but also from Latin America, had the possibility to pilot and to test this new helicopter in real conditions. All pilots emphasized the exceptional flight qualities and the remarkable comfort of this aircraft and the power and the great reactivity of the engine (Arrano 1A).
The demo tour that began in March in Las Vegas, will end in May 2018 in Philadelphia.

The H160 and its Arrano 1A will remain in the US for a few more weeks to validate "hot weather" campaign tests with the aim of an aircraft certification scheduled for 2019. Arrano engine certification is expected in 2018.

support news #2

2018 Indian Military Operators’ Symposium

India, as our second helicopter manufacturer and customer in terms of the number of engines delivered, is an essential market to Safran Helicopter Engines, with some, 1,000 engines in operation in the armed forces and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). To that end, Safran Helicopter Engines India and HAL organized last February the 2018 edition of the Military Operator’ Symposium in Delhi, with 60 representatives from the Indian Air Force, Armed Forces, Navy and Coast Guards present.

In order to continually improve the service provided to customers, at the end of 2016, Safran Helicopter Engines and HAL opened a maintenance and repair joint venture HE-MRO. It will provide maintenance services for TM333 and Ardiden 1/ Shakti engines, and subsequently for other engines in our product range. Customer benefits: improved TAT, faster resolution of irritant problems and better cost control. Through HAL and the expertise of Safran Helicopter Engines support, HE-MRO will deliver a customized, high quality, efficient and rapid service.


150 customers have already subscribed to Essential Health Monitoring


During 2018 Safran Helicopter Engines celebrates its 80th anniversary

10 M

Arrius engines have logged more than ten million recorded flight hours

support news #3

2018 Parapublic Seminar in Rio de Janeiro

In March 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, at the Second Parapublic Seminar on Fleet and Security Management, the topic for discussion was innovation. Invited to this event were the heads of some 40 parapublic agencies including military police, civil defence and firefighters. They sat at a round table, where invited speakers talked about themes related to innovation. At the end of each lecture the guests asked questions and joined in a debate.

At the first session, the speakers included Diego Barbosa (Doctor of the Institute of Innovation - SENAI), and Otakar Svacina (Embratel Innovation Manager). They explained new forms of technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, and identified the impact of innovation on society.

Addressing the table for the second session were Carlos Renato (Commander of Military Police of Bahia), Eron Oliveira, (Detran/DF Agent), and Jean Carlos (Captain of Military Police of Minas Gerais). Each of them reported their experiences specifically concerning the deployment of drones in air operations.

Speaker at the third round-table were Severo Augusto (TSA Executive Director), Daniel Carneiro (Vextron Director) and Johan Matheus (Bembrás Agro Director). They spoke about new public safety technologies.

After lunch, Jonathan Melo (Safran Helicopter Engines Brasil Director) spoke about the implementation of innovation in the productive process of Safran HE. Francisco Trillo (Safran Helicopter Engines Academy Manager) presented new training methods for the inspection and maintenance of Safran engines.

The final round table was attended by Josilei Gonçalves (Aviagon Director), Ricardo Gambaroni (General Commander of Military Police of São Paulo), Luis Carlos (Helisul Director) and François Arnoud (Milestone Aviation VP Sales Latin America, Caribbean & West Africa). All were invited to talk about the mechanisms of incorporation in their fleets.

Roberto Pagano (Safran Helicopter Engines Brasil CSM) spoke about incremental innovation, explaining new strategies targeted by Safran at customer support.

An important aim at this event was to clarify doubts and to reinforce the SBH® concept as a practical management tool for all parapublic groups.

At the end of the day, many participants expressed their support for this style of event. The Commercial team also received many suggestions for improving the SBH® program and requests to start discussions on implementing such a program in their fleets.

Contracts & Milestones

RTM 322 to power Qatar’s new NH90 fleet

Qatar has selected Safran as engine supplier of its new NH90 fleet. The 28 NH90 military helicopters, whose acquisition was announced on 14 March, will all feature RTM322 engines. They will be assembled in Bordes (France) and delivered to Airbus Helicopters’ facility in Marignane, where the NH90 tactical transport version (TTH) is assembled, and to the Leonardo Venice-Tessera facility in Northern Italy for integration with the naval (NFH) variant. Safran Helicopter Engines now powers 80% of the worldwide NH90 fleet.

HeliDax and ÖAMTC new Premium Health Monitoring customers

HeliDax and ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club) are new customers of Safran’s Health Monitoring service. Both operators have opted for its Premium service level. ÖAMTC will use this service across its Arrius 2B2-powered H135 fleet, while HeliDax will support its fleet of 36 H120 helicopters powered by Arrius 2F. The HeliDax package also integrates a new automatic Engine Power Check (EPC) feature, which avoids the need for dedicated EPC flights.

SBH® contracts with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Rainier Heli International

Safran Helicopter Engines USA has signed Support-By-Hour (SBH®) contracts with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Rainier Heli International, covering engines powering the operators’ H125 and H130 fleets. Each contract formalizes a seven year Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) agreement supporting a total of sixteen Arriel 2D engines for Papillon with an additional three engines added over the next two months and six engines for Rainier with one additional engine this spring.

Lon Halvorson, Principal, Papillon Airways, Inc (PAI) and President and CEO, Rainier Heli International (RHI)– “Papillon, Rainier, and Safran Helicopter Engines USA have been working towards this mutual goal for a very long time and we are pleased to have finalized this agreement that will be a benefit to both parties”.


25-26 april

Europe, Africa, Middle East & RTM322 Operators’ Symposium

Roma, Italy

16-17 may

Japanese Operators' Symposium

Tokyo, Japan

24-26 may

HeliRussia 2018

Moscow, Russia