Focused on "learning through you"

2017 INIT results Survey

Your feedback is the fuel of our internal engine

Here at Safran Helicopter Engines, we firmly believe that listening to our customers is the most important step towards satisfaction and best-in-class products and services. Your invaluable feedback about how your engines operate in the different conditions and missions you work in is vital to continuing to improve and develop today’s and tomorrow’s helicopter engines. Your invaluable insights into the support and services you need to keep your helicopter flying and your business activity focused on just that – flying and serving your customers – is our driving force and guide.

Frédéric Bugeon

Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer satisfaction Support & Sales, Safran Helicopter Engines

"A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience"

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

Stats & Methodology

Ensuring a representative sample is key

This comprehensive survey was built and conducted by INIT, an independent company who specializes in Market Analysis and Studies. With around 145 multiple choice and open questions, the survey was available in 9 different languages. The survey was open for 2 months online and our teams were equipped to provide paper copies for those who could not easily access the Internet version.

You have provided a great amount of feedback. The majority is very positive and we sincerely thank you for that, but we also take pride in hearing what you do not like or what you believe we should deliver when it comes to our support and services.

Overall results

Around 1,000 answers were received from a wide range of customers, providing a very representative panel of responses.

You awarded us an overall score of 7.72 out of 10, the best mark received to date since the creation of the survey, 10 years ago.
98% of respondentssaid that they were satisfied with Safran Helicopter Engines’ products and services
88% said that they would recommend Safran Helicopter Engines to other customers.


Areas where improvements have been made since the previous survey

Comparing this year's results with 2014 those from, you pointed out several areas where specific progress has been made. This recognition of our efforts is huge source of motivation for us.
Your perception of the quality of services in general has increased since the last survey from 7.4 to now 7.9. This progression is reflected by the ratings received for several services:

  • The SBH® service, through the faster standard exchange deliveries and the overall quality of this service;

  • MRO, through the reduced turn-around-times and the improved information on the status of your assets;

  • Spares and supply chain, with the increased parts availability.

To support you and your activities on a daily basis, strong and reliable services such as these are a must. We are proud that they are recognized as areas where real progress has been made and we will continue to keep on making progress so that they become real strengths for you and for us.

Areas for improvement

Your priorities are our priorities

That being said, you also highlighted that we need to continue and increase our efforts in certain areas such as:

  • Costs

  • Customer Portal (formerly TOOLS): ease of use and general design

  • Technical Publications: navigability and accessibility

For each of these topics, concrete actions have been defined and put into place. For example:

  • Calendar limit requirements of Arriel 1 & 2 and Arrius 2 have been lightened in order to reduce your maintenance costs and downtime

  • The Customer Portal has been fully redesigned over the last 12 months and now features one-click access panel and proposes several online services such as the MRO tracking process, Health Monitoring, e-Spares, etc…

  • The Technical Publications are now online through the new Web-IETP. This service is compatible for all devices and features 3D animations and easy-to-navigate folders.


Bringing you added value is our aim

Since the inception of this survey, 3 criteria have systematically been recognized as our biggest strengths:

  • Your Front Office teams - Field Reps, Customer Service Managers (CSM) and Customer Service Representatives (CSR)

  • Your products and their high power and performance

  • Your dedicated events such as the Customer Councils and Symposia where time is allotted to listening, sharing and learning as a community.

North american customer council in Boston-USA March 2018

Safran Helicopter Engines invests a lot to keep improving in these areas to make sure they remain sources of high satisfaction for you:

  • More than 60 Field Representatives are located all around the globe to support you every day

  • Product improvement is one of our main strategic points with TBO and life extensions, maintenance burden reduction… Recently, Arriel 2D TBO has been extended to 5,000 hours.

  • Two new customer councils will be launched over the next months : In China and Oceania and join our 5 other Customers Councils in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Japan.

Next Step

Even though the survey is now closed, our communication channels are still wide open. If you were not able to take part in the INIT survey and would like to voice your opinions, please share them with your dedicated Safran Helicopter Engines teams. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions. That is how we keep “learning through you” and we stay “Focused On You”.